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Survey Study of Sensory Processing and Sleep Quality Among Older Adults



Principal Investigator (PI): 

Megan Chang, PhD, OTR/L, San Jose State University




Student Researchers:

Megan Sadou, OTS, San Jose State University        

Barbara Moran, OTS, San Jose State University

Stephanie Loh, OTS, San Jose State University

Diana Nguy, OTS, San Jose State University

Sarah Mcdonald, OTS, San Jose State University



Dear Participant,


The following anonymous questionnaires aim to understand sensory processing and its relationship to sleep quality among older adults. We need 240 adults, ages 60 and above, to participate in this study. Please feel free to forward this link to your friends who may want to participate.


PURPOSE:  We would like to understand how sensory processing impacts sleep quality of older adults of at least 60 years. Studying the relationship between sensory processing and sleep quality among older adults will help us design evaluation tools and interventions in the future.


DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURES: It takes approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. No identifying information will be collected. We will ask you some questions about demographic information, such as age, gender, and educational level along with questions about sensory processing and sleep quality.


RISKS: We do not anticipate any risks to you if you decide to participate. Your participation is voluntary, and you can choose to skip or stop answering questions at any time. However, we can only include your answers in our study if all sections are completed. We hope you will answer all parts of the questionnaire.


BENEFITS: There are no direct benefits to you for participating in this study, but the knowledge gained from your participation may help other individuals in the future.


COMPENSATION: No compensation for participation in this study.


CONFIDENTIALITY: Your name, date of birth and medical records will not be recorded. However, we will ask your age and medical information related to your sleep. Your answers to the questionnaire will be kept strictly private and confidential. Please do not put your name on the questionnaires.


YOUR RIGHTS: Your participation in this study is voluntary. If you choose to participate, you may quit the survey at any time without negative consequences. You can also choose not to answer any survey questions that you do not wish to answer. No service to which you are otherwise entitled will be lost or jeopardized if you choose not to participate in the study or quit partway through the study.


CONTACT INFORMATION: Questions about this research may be addressed to the researcher, Dr. Megan Chang (Department of Occupational Therapy, San Jose State University, 408-924-3075). Complaints about the research may be presented to Dr. Winifred Schultz-Krohn (Chair, Department of Occupational Therapy, 408-924-3072). For questions about research subjects' rights or to report research-related injuries contact Dr. Pamela Stacks (Associate Vice President, Office of Research, 408-924-2479).


AGREEMENT TO PARTICIPATE: If you agree to participate, please check the box below, which is implied that you have read the information above about the research, your rights as a participant, and give your voluntary consent.



We really appreciate your willingness to contribute your time and energy to our research.




Megan Chang, PhD, OTR/L

Megan Sadou, MSOT Graduate student        

Barbara Moran, MSOT Graduate student

Stephanie Loh, MSOT Graduate student

Diana Nguy, MSOT Graduate student

Sarah Mcdonald, MSOT Graduate student


If you agree to participate, please check the box. Please do NOT write your name as this is an anonymous survey. You give your consent by choosing to receive, complete and return the survey to the student researchers.